Medication, Hormones & Weight Loss

The new wave of semaglutide pharmaceuticals and their association with weight loss is revolutionising the management of insulin resistance and weight related issues, yet diet and lifestyle change is a imperative step in ensuring the effects of these medications are maximised and individuals taking them learn how to keep any weight lost, off for good.

It is a must read for anyone using a semaglutide, or similar medication that targets glucose and appetite control, or for those considering one. 


30 Day Reset Plan

New Year, new start - a perfect time to reset, reflect and build the habits and systems so that 2024 is your best year yet.

With a daily guide to support positive lifestyle change; the best diet tricks and tips, a 5 day reset plan and more than 30 new recipes, if you are planning to reset your lifestyle this holiday period, this 30 Day Reset is for you.



Tis the season for salads, and whether you are looking for a nourishing breakfast bowl, a filling lunch salad or a light dinner, this e-book has you covered.

With 40 salad recipes, plus everything you need to know about how to make your own salads this Summer, this e-book is a must have for anyone who loves a salad, but needs a little more salad inspiration. 



Get Access to both The 30 Day Reset Plan & SALADS eBook.

Reset, reflect & build the habits and systems to live your best life.


The Peri Plan

With detailed information on Peri, food guidelines, recipes and the all important mindset shifts you need so that you can focus and get the results you are looking for, The Peri Plan is a must read for any woman feeling the brunt of hormonal changes.