Food Industry

Working with the media for more than 15 years has given me unique insight into the underpinnings of successful media campaigns for products that have a strong nutritional story to tell.

I have used these skills to work with the food industry as a consultant for more than twenty years helping brands to develop content and nutrition education material, advise on product development, act as a brand ambassador, and develop and share media messaging.  

Currently, I am the nutrition consultant at Tassal Australian Seafood.

Working with a dietitian to amplify nutrition messaging helps brands to; 

  • Reach their target grocery buyer
  • Translate food science into motivators for purchasing
  • Develop key nutrition messaging that cuts through mainstream media
  • Develop a nutrition story that resonates with consumers
  • Maximise opportunities that relate to social media food trends
  • Communicate directly with nutrition colleagues and influencers

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