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Medication, Hormones & Weight Loss

  • Have you had a long history of weight issues?
  • Is there Type 2 diabetes in your family?
  • Have you considered, or even tried the latest medications associated with weight loss?
  • Were you given any dietary advice?

The new wave of semaglutide pharmaceuticals and their association with weight loss is revolutionising the management of insulin resistance and weight related issues, yet diet and lifestyle change is a imperative step in ensuring the effects of these medications are maximised and individuals taking them learn how to keep any weight lost, off for good.

This e-book is the first of its kind which explains the science of how these medications work, signs they might be right for you, and most importantly how to eat and exercise to not only effectively lose body fat, and know how to keep it off for good.

It is a must read for anyone using a semaglutide, or similar medication that targets glucose and appetite control, or for those considering one.