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Corporate health and wellness is a major area of growth for many companies. Susie has the unique skill of combining nutrition and the psychology of lifestyle change into your workplace to inspire and support long term behavioural change in your workplace.

Boost your nutrition, boost your energy

Good nutrition builds the foundation of a high functioning mind and body, yet it is rarely considered an important aspect off productivity and performance.

Understand the link between good nutrition and physical functioning for both the brain and the body

Learn the key food habits and superfoods that will help to optimise energy and boost performance

Ensure your team is ticking the nutritional boxes that support mind, brain and body health in a high stress work environment

The food / lifestyle habits of effective leaders

Good nutrition is not by chance, rather it is a decision that can impact performance and mental functioning on a daily basis

Effective leaders do not leave their nutrition to chance, rather they see it as an opportunity to build a strong physiological platform to ensure they are at their best physically every single day

Learn the key lifestyle habits of effective leaders and how to incorporate these into your workplace culture 

Adopt simple yet effective workplace strategies for weight control, take control of work based travel and social commitments and learn how to balance the demands of corporate life without sacrificing health long term

Build your nutrition platform

What is good nutrition for high functioning people?

Learn the core components of a strong nutritional platform for both health and weight control. 

Learn how to incorporate good nutrition with the ever growing demands of corporate life

Strike a balance between good food and good health in the midst of a busy and demanding work schedule. 

Use this information to build your own sustainable nutrition platform to allow you to be at your best every single day. 

Food solutions for busy women

Often we know what we ‘should’ be doing to maintain an optimal diet and exercise regime but the daily demands on our time are overwhelming

For busy women everywhere, a good lifestyle balance is dependent on time management, simple food strategies and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Identify the key components of a balanced diet and the lifestyle habits that will put you on a path of weight control for life

Adopt simple yet effective strategies for weight control, meal planning, craving control and hormonal balance to take control of your weight and your health, for good. 

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