Shape Me, by Susie Burrell

Shape Me is a unique Diet and Lifestyle Program which gives users direct access to dietitian, Susie Burrell, to support them with their weight loss goals.

Unlike other online weight loss programs, Shape Me has been written by a dietitian and allows you to develop your own individualised meal plan on a daily basis based on your food preferences, intolerance’s and calorie requirements.

Shape Me is a holistic lifestyle program and targets all aspects of diet, exercise and the psychology of weight loss, helping you how to learn how to eat well, and control your weight for good. 

“Shape Me has been the perfect solution. The website is simple and effective, with lots of delicious recipes to choose from. Since starting Shape Me, my food intake has improved again which has helped my digestive system get back on track and a nice little side effect is that I have lost a couple of kilos without even really trying” – Katie, Shape Me low FODMAPS member

Customised meal plan with over 750 calorie controlled recipes, Special dietary requirement plans including Low Fodmaps, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, and more, Interactive shopping list, Meal plan power tools to easily customise meals across your Shape Me plan

Weight tracker, Goal tracker, 3 x FREE ebooks (Your Food / Your Body / Your Life), Supermarket product guide, Community forums, Ask Susie, Daily email summary with tips from Susie


Users can also commence when they want to, rather than on group start dates and Shape Me is web, mobile and tablet friendly.

Whether your goal is to feel healthier, lose a few kg or get some individualised dietary support, Shape Me is the online lifestyle program you have been looking for.

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