One of the areas of my work, is consulting to industry. At times I will put my name to a new product launch or to represent a product at a trade show or conference and then I have a few clients who I represent on an ongoing basis. So, if you are interested, here is some honest background on how these alliances came about, and why I work with the brands I do.


Zip_It's water refr#120AF28Zip Industries is an Australian owned business that has been helping to keep Australia hydrated since 1947. Offering instant hot water systems and filter water taps to homes and businesses Susie joined the team at Zip in 2015 to help educate Aussies about the importance of keeping well-hydrated on a daily basis. Communicating ‘The Zip Effect’, which describes the powerful impact the simple act of drinking more water on a daily basis can have, Susie writes regularly for Zip and loves to spread the water about the benefits of drinking more filtered water. 


Australian Bananas

AustralianBananasSusie is naturally thrilled to support any Australian grown fresh produce and is a very proud ambassador of one of the most nutritious, self packaged, fresh foods available, Aussie Banana’s. Not only are bananas naturally sweet and delicious, they are a nutrient dense, convenient option for anyone ranging from infants as they learn to eat solid foods, to busy kids , active adults and anyone interested in eating fresh, healthy, nutrient rich foods. Susie will be helping to share the banana feel good message complete with recipe ideas, tips on ways to add bananas into your healthy eating regime and regular minders of all the powerful health benefits the simple banana can offer. So stay tuned for all the latest on one of natures true energy superfoods.